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Jenn Gotzon

JENN GOTZON is an Award-Winning Actress, Motivational Speaker, Spokesmodel and a new Author.

Her acting career first received international attention with her portrayal of Tricia Nixon, the President’s daughter, in Ron Howard’s Oscar-Nominated “Frost/Nixon”. Described by Valley Social Magazine as someone “who is compared to a young Meryl Streep for her chameleon-like transformations”, Gotzon deliberately uses the movies she stars in as a platform to inspire her audiences and make a positive, wider cultural impact.

Born in Bethlehem, PA, Gotzon’s passion is bringing the writer-director’s vision to screen through complex protagonist characters who find hope in the climax of the storyline.

After being told by her high school drama teacher she wouldn’t make it as an actress, Gotzon buckled down and studied the craft of acting in the big apple at The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts. Gotzon then moved to California and landed a string of bit parts in Ang Lee’s “Hulk”, Emmy-winning TV series “Pushing Daisies” and “House”. In 2010, Gotzon booked her first major lead role in “Doonby” obtaining her critical acclaim from the Film Advisory Board. Since her Award-winning performance, Gotzon has become an American leading lady, starring in over 20 film and television productions including 2014’s Oscar-Nominated “Alone Yet Not Alone”.

“Jenn Gotzon is a shining light in the industry. Not only is she an incredible actress, but she also sheds love and kindness to all who are fortunate to work with her. She makes a point to get to know each and every person on set and to encourage them and uplift them however she can.” states Sharon Wilharm, Director of The Good Book movie.

Trivia: Jenn Gotzon was direct offered 17 out of 19 roles she starred in since Frost/Nixon. The films she had to audition for were “God’s Country” and “Out of Ashes”.


In The Press

“Jenn did extremely well & took wonderful direction”

-Ron Howard
(“Frost/Nixon”, Producer / Director)

“Jenn Gotzon reveals character with an extraordinary emotional range better than almost anyone in Hollywood today!”

-Ted Baehr
(Movieguide founder and film critic)


Inspiring Audiences Nationwide

Jenn Gotzon has a motivational speaking program called “Inspiring Audiences”, for which she travels nationwide. In each of these engagements, Gotzon shows one of the movies in which she stars, and then follows this up with an in-depth conversation about the moral lessons of the movie. Her primary goal in this innovative exercise is to help attendees grasp the passions of their own hearts in order to live their own dreams.


Shining as Best Actress

On the cover of Valley Social Magazine,
“Gotzon continuously garners awards for her Meryl Streep chameleon-like transformations”.

Best Actress
God’s Country (Pocono Mountains Film Festival, 2013),
Doonby (Film Advisory Board, 2013
Stained (168 Film Festival, 2008), Rising Star Award
Chemistry (Wildwood by the Sea Film Fest, 2008)
Julie and Jack (Global Arts Film Festival, 2003)
and nominated Best Actor:
Avvicinatevi: Come Near (NYC Timmy Award, 2000)



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