~Thank you very much festival and panel jury members for these blessings~



Award: Telly

Commercial: SpaceBookFlikTube for Cross TV

Role: Spokesmodel

Year: 2009

From: Telly Awards

(thank you Lisa Miosi for creating and directing this spot)




Award: Rising Star


Jenn Gotzon wins Rising Star Award along side Chubby Checker

Chubby Checker (Singer "The Twist) congratulates Rising Star Jenn Gotzon

Film: Chemistry, Stained and Frost/Nixon

Roles: collection of work

Year: 2008

From: Wildwood By The Sea Film Festival

(thank you Paul Russo, Ed Mebb and members of the festival)




Award: Best Actress


Award Winning Actress Jenn Gotzon for Stained

Film: Stained

Role: Anya (courageous girl living in an oppressed society)

Year: 2008

From: 168 Hour Film Festival

(thank you John, Paul and members of the jury)





Recognition: Top Performance Selection


Award Winning Actress for Joanne Baron's Graduate DVD

Scene: Light Sensitive

Role: Edna (disabled wallflower seeking love)

Year: 2006

From: Industry judge panel for the Joanne Baron Graduate Master Class DVD

(thank you Joanne, DW and members of the panel)




Award: Best Actress


Award Winning Actress Jenn Gotzon for Julie and Jack

Film: Julie and Jack

Role: Julie Romanov (all-american sweetheart fights virtual technology to keep her soul mate)

Year: 2003

From: G.A.F.F.E.R.S. - Global Art Film Festival & Repertory

(thank you Loren Reed and members of the jury)




Award: Outstanding Actress


Award Winning Actress Jenn Gotzon for All Heart and Soul

Film: All Heart and Soul

Role: Inmate Jane (recovering gang member determined to help youth change their lives)

Year: 2002

From: C.R.E.O.7 Production House (unfortunately, there are no links.)
(thank you Loren and Eric)




Nominated: Best Actor


Nominated Best Actor Jenn Gotzon from the New York City Timmy Awards

Project: Avvicinatevi: Come Near (published in Talent In Motion Magazine)

Role: Self (photography series that transition from bondage to freedom)

Year: 2000

From: Third Annual Timmy Awards (NYC)
(thank you A. Brooks and members of the jury)