Acting Demo Reel


Award-winning Actress JENN GOTZON's career break portraying President Nixon's daughter Tricia Nixon (cameo) in Ron Howard's Oscar nominee FROST/NIXON launched her as a Rising Indie Film Star leading 8 family films soon-to-be released 2013, including Vatican endorsed romance-thriller DOONBY & festival-winning dramedy GOD'S COUNTRY. Jenn Gotzon, "who is compared to a young Meryl Streep for her chameleon-like transformations," states Valley Social Magazine, uses her lead roles as a platform to inspire audiences as a role model.

Here's an innovative approach to a theatrical acting demo reel. . . its a mash between a video electronic press kit (EPK or VPK) meets a hybrid of acting clips from movies (and some of the films Jenn Gotzon won Best Actress for her work). Mostly, this Acting demo reel showcases the movies coming out 2013 that award winning actress Jenn Gotzon stars in.