~Get encouraged, discover your passion, & begin living your dreams. ~


A motivational program to help students (young & old):

Discover their passion, Overcome life's obstacles and Begin



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Welcome to our program "Inspiring Audiences" hosted by award-winning actress Jenn Gotzon with program manager Steve Doherty. Ms. Gotzon's passion is inspiring audiences through the protagonist character's she plays in films about hope and redemption.


She launched this campaign "Inspiring Audiences" to encourage, educate and excite audiences helping them discover their passion in life and begin pursuing their dreams.


Jenn shares her journey as an actor and teaches on the following:

1) Finding your passion and dreaming big

2) The process along one's journey

3) Overcoming life's obstacles (fear, lack of money, failure, rejection, etc).


After an empassioned motivational discussion, Jenn Gotzon enjoys screening her latest film, followed by an interactive Q & A about the story's allegory and the life questions her onscreen character faced.


Prior to ending, Jenn enjoys spending one-on-one time helping on an individual basis (as time permits), followed by a time for pictures, autographs and exhuberant smiles and hugs.


~Get encouraged, discover your passion, & begin living your dreams. ~




"Inspiring Audiences" program had it's official launch at the Wildwood By The Sea Film Festival, New Jersey in fall 2008 and has since visited across the nation with a special focus helping encourage the students of New Orleans.








The Times Picayune (Jan 7, 2010)

By Kat Stelly


Theater students get acting tips from pro actress


"... It is to be expected that theater students will have stars in their eyes, but Jefferson Parish talented theater students also had a star in their classroom recently, as actress Jenn Gotzon lead a workshop....


It is crucial, she said, to focus both on goals and the moments that come between now and achieving goals. "You want to be living life as an adventure, a journey," she reminded them." Click to keep reading article





The Times-Picayune Westbank (May 5, 2009)

By Susan Poag



NOLA.com Photo Gallery (May 5, 2009)

By David Grunfeld

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News Clip on YouTube (Dec 2009)

Jenn Gotzon invited the students to talk about their dreams for the local news station who was covering her visit. click to view



Inspiring Audiences






Clarion Herald (January 9, 2009)

By Jeremy Whitaker, 12th Grade Student, St. Augustine High School.


Movie moves St. Aug students


(Jeremy's article was published in the Clarion Herald)

"The movie Stained is a great work of film-art that has the power to instantly capture a viewer’s attention, and hold it until the end of the very last scene. The picture focuses on one character, Anya, and her struggle with an ‘illness’ that sets her apart from a beautiful society known as the New City, a place of perfection... It is very powerful, yet very simple with a message straddling observation and perception.

      While the plot of the story itself is an excellent one, there is an underlying message in it. Stained is, in actuality, an allegory of the Bible. It cleverly uses symbolism to tell an excellent story and deliver a message that is central to Christian Faith: God’s love is unconditional. The use of symbolism is critical to the film in an absolute sense. Love and faith are concepts that cannot be seen or touched, which makes them a bit harder to understand than anything tangible. Symbolism, therefore, helps to show things such as love and faith in ways that are both comprehensible and relative; it is a necessary catalyst for understanding.

      After watching the movie in class, we had a brief discussion about what we had witnessed amongst ourselves (the students) as well as with the actress, Jenn Gotzon.

      Gotzon spoke about her story of coming into the world of acting. Hearing her personal account of being put down and rising above doubt was rather touching. The fact that it was her story and that it was real made it much more enticing and much easier, I am sure, to produce its desired effect: inspiration. After her recounting of the story, Gotzon told us that her own passions were acting and inspiring people. Being a person who has experienced her inspirational stories as well as her acting, I would say Jenn Gotzon has definitely achieved her objectives.

      The entire Stained experience, from watching the movie to talking and elaborating on it and taking pictures afterward, was great fun; nothing amounted to meeting a real Hollywood actress. Not only did I get to meet a star, I had the opportunity to tell her what I thought of her performance and tell her how beautiful she was, and continues to be - a privilege and a delight). The most wonderful part of having an actress as a guest to the class was watching the clash of her real personality with that of her character, Anya.  It really showed her range as a professional entertainer and was very impressive.  It was a very tantalizing experience."












My and our sincerest thanks to you and Jenn for the wonderful visit to my classes.


A brief review from a teacher’s perspective. 

As the titles rolled, an uneasy stillness fell on the normally vocal classroom. They sat; they thought. Jenn spoke ever so quietly and the own students’ literary resolutions emerged. What a wonderful journey into the unknown – yet they knew where they were. Debate followed and opinions emerged as Jenn lead discussion questions.

To have the protagonist join the class and debate the theme, was a unique experience for all who had the pleasure of being in our small room that afternoon.

Jenn and Steve bade farewell but we could not go back to our normal work. This had to be debated again and again until everyone had expressed their own individual feelings and emotions of this short film left its own peculiar mark on the senior students of St. Augustine High School. 

Gerard Mc Clelland 


Kindest regards as ever

Gerard Mc Clelland

St. Augustine High School Teacher




We live in a world of sense stimulation which comes across in movies, TV, computers, etc.  Around the globe, the media has penetrated classrooms in one form or another.  When Steve Doherty asked if he could show “Stained” to our St. Aug students, I thought, “it’s just another movie”.  I was wrong.  “Stained” is a modern, powerful parable about sin and its effects.  Our students got the point and were thrilled to meet and converse with Jenn Gotzon about her starring role in the film and about the film industry itself.  It was a proud day for St. Augustine High School...

Fr. Joseph M. Doyle, SSJ