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It was absolute pleasure to work with Jenn on our movie. She brought huge depth to Laura's character.  Some of her scenes were breathtaking and the final scene that we shot left me feeling as emotional as her. Jenn fully captured her character's erratic journey, engendering a feeling of sympathy in a performance that will bring great feelings of sympathy for Laura as well as frustration at what she does. She totally nailed her spoiled little rich girl nature and I want to thank her for making my job as a director so easy.

Peter Mackenzie




Jenn Gotzon was a delight to work with. A surprise around every corner. Just when I thought I had a good idea of what she was going to do next... she'd floor me with an amazing acting choice from far over the left field fence!
Loved the experience.

John Schneider

Lead Actor in Doonby
(tv's "Smallville" and "The Dukes of Hazzard")



One truly bright spot in "Doonby" was the fresh, breakout performance of a new leading female star, Jenn Gotzon. Keep your eye on her career. We're likely to see a lot more of her on the silver screen.

Derrick Warfel

Co-Producer, upcoming "The Ashley Smith Project"
Writer-Director-Producer ("Midnight Reckoning")



Jenn did extremely well & took wonderful direction

Ron Howard

Oscar-winning Director

("Frost/Nixon," "A Beautiful Mind")



Jenn is young & beautiful, with the ability to express emotions way beyond her years. The Mother- Daughter connection was so easy. I'd love to work with her again.

Patty McCormack

Oscar-nominated Actress

("Frost/Nixon," "The Bad Seed")



Gotzon has the acting depth of Kate Winslet and the charisma of Reese Witherspoon.

Paul Russo

Festival Director
Wildwood By the Sea Film Fest



A 'Frost/Nixon' production staffer said it was eerie because everyone felt they were really watching the Nixon family go through the ordeal on that infamous day in 1974.





I had seen much of Jenn's work and was fully expecting to be blown away by what she would bring to "The Rift."  Her performance was spot on.  I remember leaving set physically exhausted, having watched her descend to the dark emotional places that were necessary for her to bring this character to life.  Beyond her performance, it was her passion, dedication to character, and her unwavering commitment to helping me tell this story that truly won my heart. I also wrote "The Rift" and as Jenn was giving me her research notes, it was such an amazing moment when I realized that she had grasped and understood the character on a deeper level than even I had.  She is the caliber of talent that directors dream of working with. It was an honor to entrust a piece of this story to her.  And I truly hope that this is one of much collaboration together.

Brent McCorkle

Multi Award-Winning Director

("The Rift", "On the Lot")






Stained - Award Winning Film


Jenn was terrific in STAINED ­ added real depth to the story telling.

Ralph Winter

Executive Producer of The X Men Series"



Jenn gave an intense yet vulnerable performance.

Mark Clayman

Executive Producer of "The Pursuit of Happyness"



Jenn Gotzon, delivered an extremely powerful and moving performance as Anya. I guarantee this performance [in ‘Stained’] is going to get producers' and casting directors' attention in Hollywood. This young lady is quite an actress. I think this is just the beginning for her acting career.

Gary Skeen Hall

Sr. Vice President, 20th Century Fox Television



It's a rare performance that draws me into the soul of a character like Jenn Gotzon has the ability to do.

Doug Jones

Award-winning Actor

("Hellboy", "Pan's Labryinth", "4: Rise of the Silver Surfer")


Flawless performance. I was captivated the first moment Jenn entered on screen.

Pat Boone

Singer, author and songwriter



Jenn’s a chameleon actress. I felt like I was watching a young Meryl Streep on screen.

Bill Dance

Casting Director



The role of Anya would be a challenge for any actress, but from nuance to the deepest pain, Jenn lived through her with precision and made it look easy… She exceeded every expectation I had for a Lead Actress.

Josh Weigel

Producer, Director and Writer of "Stained"




Julie and Jack



One of Hollywood's newest stars on the horizon.

David Mirish

Celebrity Director for Balls O’Fire Celebrity Tournament



From working in The Hulk with Academy Award Winning Director Ang Lee and Oscar Winner for Best Actress Jennifer Connelly to working closely with Tippi Hedren in Julie and Jack , Jenn Gotzon is an up-and-coming shining Star.

James Ngyuen

Producer, Director and Writer of "Julie and Jack"





Scenario for Delirium


Gotzon’s intensity and emotion kept me on the edge all the way through the film.


Screening Team at Google, Mountain View Headquarters



Jenn Gotzon’s brillance unfolds beautifully on screen in the depth of layers she creates when bringing to life the writer and director’s vision.

Chris Armstrong

Producer, Director and Writer of "Scenario for Delirium"







Jenn is a wonderful actor with a diverse range seldom found these days. She completes the film.

George L. Heredia

Producer, Director of "Chemistry"





All Heart and Soul


Jenn Gotzon's riveting performance in "All Heart & Soul", (AHS) continues to sizzle with excitement and lives on through the screenings of the Global Art Film Festival Tour.

Loren Reed

Emmy-Nominated Producer, Director of "All Heart and Soul"





Things Joel Knows


Incredibly easy to work with! She is a delight to have on set.

Jason Mellerstig

Producer, Director of Things Joel Knows





Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom "March of the Artimals"


Excellent energy level!

Entertainment Department

Animal Kingdom at Walt Disney World, Orlando





Chartreuse's Rising Star National Scholastic Pageant - Winner


To be in her presence is a treat for the senses.

Pamela Doncsecz

Executive Director, Miss America Pageant System: Miss Keystone Scholarship Organization







Her creativity & enthusiasm made the character come to life.

Heather Pallis

Greendog Creative Manager, Macy's Press Events and Thanksgiving Day Parade (34th Street, NYC)