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STAINED the movie


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Stained made cinematic history by being the first film ever shot on the
4K ultra-high-definition RED One Camera to win a film festival:
Merit of Artistic Excellence from the Red Digital Cinema Company


Order your copy of Stained or contact director Joshua Weigel, by going to Stained's official website: www.StainedtheMovie.com


Poster of Stained


"Stained" Credits (partial list)


Director: Joshua Weigel

Producers: Joshua Weigel, Aaron Moore and Jeff Bartsch

Writers: Joshua Weigel and Rebekah Weigel

Cinematographer: Brandon Lippard

Editor: Chris Witt

Composer: John Campbell

Sound Design: Brandon Griffith

Production Design: Joshua Weigel


Anya: Jenn Gotzon

Apollo: Clay Banks

Father: Mark Atteberry

Simone: Melissa Disney

Mother: Michelle Caudel

Green-handed Baby: Sydney Weigel

New City Soldier: Dion Slider

New City Soldier: Kimberly Durrett

Old City Officer: Allan Turner Ward

Everyone on screen: "Old City" oppressed people, green district residents and officers, "New City" soldiers, and all the action/stunt team - You all created the truth of this diseased and oppressed world and made it look amazing with your emotions and work!!!

Entire Cast and Crew Listing can be found on IMDB




"Stained" Synopsis:

A young woman Anya (played by Jenn Gotzon) struggles under the oppression of the "Old City" (antagonist played by Clay Banks), a deeply divided society (played by Melissa Disney, Michelle Caudel) that is isolated from the world around it and determined to preserve it's stability through the systematic segregation of its citizens. Driven by profound loss and a faded hopefully memory, Anya searches for a way out and finds she's not alone (father played by Mark Atteberry).


“Stained” was originally produced for the 168 Hour Film Project, an international competition challenging filmmakers to shoot, edit and score an 11 minute short film in 1 week. Completed on time, it garnered 13 award nominations and won 8 in addition to the Audience Choice Award and an Artistic Merit from RED Digital Cinema Company for becoming the first film ever shot on the RED ONE Camera to win Best Picture at a film festival. “Stained” was shot on location in Los Angeles, CA at the renowned Herald Examiner and is indebted to the dozens of talented individuals who generously donated their time and energy to bring it to life.



Stained Producers










"Stained" Festivals


168 Hour Film Project and Festival - California

Stained was originally produced for the 168 Hour Film Project based on the theme "Set My Captives Free" and the Bible verse: Galatians 3:28

Nominated for 13, Won 8 including Best Film and Audience Choice Award



LA Shorts Festival - California (Aug 18)

LA Shorts Fest held at the Laemmle Sunset 5 in the primary catagory.

"Stained" premieres the extended version in Program 18, Aug 18 at 7:30p
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Wildwood By the Sea Film Festival - New Jersey (Sept 25 - 27)

Wildwood By the Sea Film Festival will be honoring Stained by screening it everyday of the festival Sept 25 - 27 followed by a Q & A / discussion by festival guest Jenn Gotzon who is being flown out to New Jersey to be honored with the 2008 Rising Star Award for her work in Stained, Chemistry and Frost/Nixon. 2008 Rising Star Award


Arts and Entertainment Ministries - California (Oct 3)

Arts and Entertainment Ministries is the leading visual and performing arts showcase for artists creating art from a Christian Worldview and selected Stained to celebrate on Oct 3, 2008 at 7:30p at 3838 South Centinela, LA, CA 90066

Adopt-a-Film Festival

Stained would love to be submited to as many festivals as possible. This is an exciting opportunity to adopt-a-festival by providing the way with your contribution.
Interested? Please contact director Josh Weigel www.StainedtheMovie.com














"Stained" Awards and Nominations


Wildwood By the Sea Film Festival

2008 Rising Star Award - Jenn Gotzon


168 Hour Film Festival

Audience Choice Award

Best Dramatic Film - Joshua Weigel, Aaron Moore and Jeff Bartsch

Best Dramatic Screenplay - Joshua Weigel and Rebekah Weigel

Best Actress - Jenn Gotzon

Best Editing - Chris Witt

Best Sound Design - Brandon Griffith

Best Original Score - John Campbell

Best Production Design - Joshua Weigel


Received 1st ever: Merit of Artistic Excellence from the Red Digital Cinema Company.


168 Hour Film Festival

Best Director - Joshua Weigel

Best Cinematographer - Brandon Lippard

Best Actor - Clay Banks

Best Actor - Mark Atteberry

Best Supporting Actress - Melissa Disney

Best Scriptual Integration - Galatians 3:28

Other talented cast who did an amazing job!!!

Michelle Caudel - Played the brilliant emotional mom in opening scene

Sydney Weigel - Played the little baby getting her hands stained green

Dion Slider - Played a New City Soldier rescued from the Old City

Kimberly Durrett - Played an angelic New City Soldier

Allan Turner Ward - Played an Old City Officer

Everyone on screen: "Old City" oppressed people and officers, "New City" soldiers, and all the action/stunt team) - You all created the truth of this diseased and oppressed world and made it look amazing with your emotions and work!!!


Entire Cast and Crew Listing can be found on IMDB











"Stained" Excitement and Events

Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) did several specials featuring "Stained" producers Josh Weigel, Aaron Moore and Jeff Bartsch


Trinity Broadcast Network (TBN) celebrated Stained's cast and crew wins on a 168 Hour Film Festival Special. Jenn Gotzon was interviewed and shared her joy and excitement regarding the storyline for Stained and how it truly has the ability to impact and inspire audiences through the art of storytelling on film (which is Jenn's ultimate passion for acting.)


Life Church, Allentown, Pennsylvania after watching Stained was lead to hold a Youth Outreach hosted by Pastor Ramon, Pastor Darian, Pastor Randy, Luz Crespo, Jean Piere Crespo, Donnie Long and singer Ian Holmes. Screening and Q&A of Jenn Gotzon's recent 168 Hour Film Projects: "Stained" and "Break These Chains." Jenn was asked to parellel the symbolism of both films into our lives today. Q&A, photo opps and a time for encouragement and prayer were highlights of the evening. Life Church's Pastor Ramon presented Jenn with several gifts of appreciation including T-shirts representing their missions trips serving 3rd world countries, photos of the people the missions tend to, local films and music videos created by the church and the youth. Then they presented Jenn with a large movie poster of Stained where Jenn had all the youth sign to remind everyone we are all in community serving each other.


RED User Group (special guest RED's Ted Schilowitz) hosted by Kappa Studios, Burbank, CA showcased several clips from Stained talking about RED technology with RED DIT (digital imaging technician) Chris Armstrong and wife-actress Jenn Gotzon. Pete Brown, Stain's Crane operator and RED Tech, filmed the RED User Group event.


New Orleans will be hosting Jenn Gotzon to speak on her new campaign "Inspiring Audiences" screening various Christian films including Stained.


Stained is being used to to help big studio's in Los Angeles take a turn for RED


E-Films is reviewing Stained to do a section transfer to film for research regarding RED 4K shot in natural light in comparisson to film


Stained is in development to become a feature and seeking investors.
Contact Joshua and Rebekah Weigel if you are interested click here for thier contact info.




jenn being interviewed by TBN

Jenn Gotzon being interviewed by TBN after winning Best Actress for Stained


Jenn gave an intense, yet vulnerable performance.

Mark Clayman

Executive Producer of "Pursuit of Happyness"



Flawless performance. I was captivated the first moment Jenn entered on screen.

Pat Boone

Singer, Author and Songwriter



Jenn's a chameleon actress. I felt like I was watching a young Meryl Streep on screen."

Bill Dance

Casting Director



Jenn Gotzon, delivered an extremely powerful and moving performance as Anya in Stained. I guarantee this performance [in "Stained"] is going to get producers' and casting directors' attention in Hollywood. This young lady is quite an actress. I think this is just the beginning for her acting career.

Gary Skeen Hall

Sr. Vice President, 20th Century Fox Television
& Judge - 168 Hour Film Festival



The role of Anya would be a challenge for any actress, but from nuance to the deepest pain, Jenn lived through her with precision and made it look easy… She exceeded every expectation I had for a Lead Actress.

Josh Weigel

Producer, Director and Writer of "Stained"

Stained Jenn Gotzon as Anya

"Stained" Press Releases

JENN GOTZON, Next Up In 'Frost/Nixon,' Crowned Best Actress

In First Film Shot On RED Camera Ever to Win a Festival

NAB Darling Red Camera Records First Festival Feather
With Joshua Weigel's 168 Film Project Winner 'Stained'

"Stained" Production Stills

Click here for more production stills by Deva Fletcher.



"Stained" Official Website

Jenn Gotzon as Anya



















L-R: Stained: Producer Jeff Bartsch, Cinematographer Brandon Lippard, Writer/Director/Producer Josh Weigel, 168 Festival Founder/Executive Director John Ware, Producer Aaron Moore.




stained winners

Stained's Cast and Crew celebrating at the 168 Hour Film Festival for sweeping the film festival.




Husband Chris Armstrong and Jenn Gotzon with Festival Founder John Ware

Husband Chris Armstrong and Jenn Gotzon with 168 Hour Film Festival Founder John Ware celebrating