~ A personal thank you to all my teachers
who have taught me terrific tools throughout my training.
Everytime I'm on set, I am fascinated by how effective technique is to become lost in the moment. ~



The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts
School of Film & Television (SFT)


The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts School of Film and Television

Contact: Admissions

Admissions Office: 888.645.0030, ext 4080

Email: admission@sft.edu

Web: www.sft.edu

Address: 39 West 19th Street, NY, NY  10011



Two-Year Conservatory Program (two years)

Summer Program (6-weeks, 5 days/week)



Overview of Training:

How to act honestly and believably through a rigorous curriculum in acting, voice, improvisation, scene study, movement and related studies


How to expand your basic technique to transcend the limits of the stage, so you master the naturalistic and technical aspects of the performance elements of film and TV


A step-by-step approach to the technique and discipline of the camera actor in all media, including film, episodic TV, daytime drama, sitcoms, commercials and voice-overs


The short-term and long-term realities of your chosen career, including auditioning in a professional environment, the business of the business and goal-setting


The skills, discipline and patience necessary to meet the challenges of the industry and position you for professional success




Joanne Baron - D.W. Brown Studio


Joanne Baron - DW Brown Studio


Contact: Office


Email: info@baronbrown.com

Web: www.baronbrown.com

Address: 320 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 200, Santa Monica, CA 90401



Vital Acting (42 weeks)

Character Interpretation & Script Analysis (42 weeks)

Six-Week Intensive

Master Class (4 day Intensive)

Graduate Master Class (4 day Intensive)



Overview of Training:

Vital Acting is a continuing education program meant to reinvigorate the professional actor to realize the most vital aspects of performance. From creating the most dynamic possible contact with other performers and generating profound emotional connections to imaginary events, to meeting the requirements of complicated scene work; this course guides the actor to rediscover the fundamentals with a purity of aspiration that is extremely challenging. This program disciplines the performer to access their truest selves, their core, and enables them to present this mastery publicly; both through improvisation and work on written material.


Character Interpretation & Script Analysis is a continuing education program that teaches improvisational techniques with character additions and interpretation and character analysis as applied in scenes. Scene work that includes modern, stylized and classic material will be rehearsed and performed. Upon completing this program, the student will be capable of performing any scene requiring script interpretation and character analysis.


The Six-week Intensive program provides fundamental training of the actor as a theatrical instrument. This course of acting includes exercises in listening and answering, basic activity, responsiveness, and concentration, as applied individually and in couples in scene work.


This Master Class (Intensive) is a 4 day 2 weekend intensive taught by Joanne Baron, the Artistic Director of the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown Studio.




Clay Banks Film Acting Studio


Clay Banks Film Acting Studio


Contact: Office


Email: info@claybanksproductions.com

Web: www.claybanksstudio.com

Address: 12215 Ventura Blvd, Ste. 111, Studio City, CA 91604



Extreme Close Up Technique (one year)

Cold Reading and Line Lifting Technique (one year)

Business of the Business (one year)

Commecial Workshop (2 day intensive)



Overview of Training:

Emotional freedom and intensity with subtlty and stillness in a close up and extreme close-up.

Executing seemlessly what a film director is ultimately looking for.

Confident cold reading allowing performance to come alive after you read the material once.

Understanding on how to market oneself and work excellently as a professional.

Improvisation with the art of charisma with commercials with copy, spokes, other ads





Hey, I Saw Your Commecial


Hey, I Saw Your Commercial

Contact: Coach Mike

Phone: 323.939.4612

Email: mike@heyisawyourcommercial.com

Web: www.heyisawyourcommercial.com

Address: 1017 South La Brea Ave., Suite B, Los Angeles, CA 90019



Level 1 - Fundamentals Commercial Acting Course (4 weeks)

Level 2 - Advanced Commercial Acting Course (4 weeks)



Overview of Training:

9 different improv exercises

How to think precisely and respond correctly in Improv situations.

How to interpret copy and read it freezing cold in 3 to 5 seconds and make sense!

The seldom taught, correct approach to slating and personality interviewing.

How to read commercial copy. It’s completely different than TV/Film copy.

How to feel “comfortable in your own skin” in front of the camera and producers.

How to stand out in auditions while performing with difficult actors.

How to “make the cut” after you shoot the job and stay off the editing room floor.

Master your levels of focus and confidence in auditions, on the set and beyond!